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Collaborate with the server !

Why donate?

By donating you are helping to keep the server online, with quality and always updated.
You get COINS for your donation. These can be exchanged for various in-game items.

The way to generate a donation is by logging in to the control panel with your account

For security reasons your Pj should be in Off-Line form but don't worry, the system will try to deliver your item at the moment that it catches your release.

IMPORTANT remember that the items can take from 24 to 48 hours to be delivered according to the way they are delivered. payment

  • Remember that you are NOT obliged to make a donation

    all items found to donate can also be chosen with time and dedication in game

    within the control panel you will find the different ways payment

    also in your prices you will notice that according to the amount of COINS you will also have a discount on the unit price

    if you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us through the different means that we have provided in the section CONTACT


Access the user panel to check the methods and more information.
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